Monday, 16 September 2013

You never Know Who Is In The Audience

I am a firm believer that if you tell people about your love and passion for the sans clothes lifestyle you will be surprised at the response they give you. I have two situations that have transpired into something I completely did not expect. One of these situations has now led me to a position where a good friend of mine is calling me her nude guru.

This amazing woman already knew I was a nudist and not till recently did I discover that she was considering the lifestyle to tackle body issues and attempt to break free from her shackles of negative energy she had taken on over the years. It only came about when I asked her opinion on a naturist issue. Before long the conversation led to her saying she had been thinking about giving it a try. So without hesitation I offered my advice and some tips to help the initial transition from being clothed to unclothed, offering ideas such as staying nude after the shower for a short wile or as long as she felt comfortable.

As time has progressed I discovered that she had acted on my tips and was moving forward at a steady pace. She can now look herself in the mirror full view in the nude and accept herself as she is and she has no problems standing in the hallway talking to her housemates while nude. All of this because we had a discussion about nudism, the ideals of the lifestyle and the way they  can help change a person’s positive outlook on life.  My dear friend is now quite comfortable with the idea of nudism although it will take some time for her to take the leap of faith and go to a public beach or resort. She is yet to transition to spending the day or weekend nude at home however, is now much more comfortable with nudity in general. As most of us nudies know, once you feeel the comfort and relaxation of being nude for long periods of time you don’t want to return to the clothed life.

The second situation stemmed from a conversation with a supplier rep, who came to visit my workplace. We had spoken before and he is a great guy to have a good chinwag with. We were talking about Japan and how he had been a few times and enjoyed the Onsen (Japanese hot springs) so much that he had to go every time he went to Japan. When I told him stories of how people asked me if I was terrified about being nude in these places he chimed in and said he used to live in Europe and nudity was much more accepted over there amongst peers. He then mentioned off hand that he had lots of nudist buddies and he visited a nude beach in north Queensland. That’s when I revealed I was a nudist and the conversation lead to us discovering that we both had some mutual friends in the nudist community.

As it happens, he has been living a great life as a nudist and even had the opportunity to introduce some people to it also, tho they didn’t take it on they still enjoyed the lifestyle and learned how great the people in this community can be.

If we had never spoken about the onsen, we would never have known that the other was a nudist. If I didn’t share my passion for nudism I would never have had the opportunity to help a friend change her life, and if e we don’t speak to anybody we will never be able to teach others the beauty of this amazing way of life.

So, to all my fellow nudists and naturists and to all my followers who may not be nudists please, if the opportunity arises do not be scared to have a good, frank discussion about nudity and this amazing lifestyle.  Nudists share you passion and non-nudists show your support. You never know who is in the audience.


scotty1111 said...

Glad you're back!

Anonymous said...

It's the same with me at work... I've always been open about being a Naturist but never really advertised it, then about 10 years ago I came into work on Monday after spending the weekend on a nude beach & I was a bit burnt... lobster style.

I was glowing pink under my white work shirt & everyone in the office was asking me about it & I lifted my shirt up & pulled the top of my pants down slightly so they caould all see the extent of my redness.

One of the office girls said "hang on... your burnt all over... did you go to a nude beach???"

I calmy replied "yes, I am a Naturist" this lead to giggles then I was bombarded with questions... it lead to a few admitting that they go nude at home & even a couple saying they had been to nude beaches & saying "it's no big deal"

But it took my "coming out"to start the conversations going :)

These days'I am the company nude mascot!... when a new employee starts I get intdrodusced as "Michael the nudey IT man"

We have about 120 employees & I would say 99% know I am a Naturist. ;)