Wednesday, 12 December 2012

Why Nudist and not Naturist?

Over the years I have noticed some refer to this lifestyle as Nudism and some refer to it as Naturism. Partly it depends on which part of the world you are from and also the social circle you have. I have always called it Nudism, for no particular reason, just because that's what I adopted as the term Id use.

It was only recently that I began thinking about the difference between the two, if any at all. Nudism is about being nude, Naturism is about being nude also, but why call it two different things? I believe it may be that a nudist simply enjoys the lifestyle of being nude at any time one can or feels like it. A naturist may feel the same but with a difference in that naturists feel it a natural thing to do to feel more connected with the earth and nature.

As a nudist, I simply enjoy being nude. If I had the choice I would do so at any possible moment I could. Myself along with a few rare hardcore folks out there would be the first to place a deposit on a home if there was an entire suburb dedicated to the nudist way of life somehow this conflicts with the whole getting in touch with nature idea. Somehow, I believe a nude suburb will probably not happen in my lifetime or even my sons for that matter.

So there it is, a simple unsubstantiated answer to the question of: Why Nudist and not Naturist?

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