Thursday, 4 April 2013

Random thought

Imagine you have been hiding from your family and friends the fact that you are a nudist. It has been so for many years and something you wish you could just get out in the open(no pun intended).

Then one day you are at a nude beach or camping at a nude resort and casually strolling by is your aunty and uncle or a work colleague. Or someone you have known for years.

How would you feel? Has this ever happened to you? Or is it a dream that you have always wanted to happen chance find out someone close to you is a nudist.

It hasn't happened to me but ooohh I wish. May be one day... Who knows what the universe has planned for me.

1 comment:

Homeclothesfree said...

Yep happened to me was at a resort relaxing and someone who worked in my old office walked by they did double take I looked back.