Wednesday, 2 January 2013

What to do when you cant be nude

What can you do when you cant be nude? Ask...

I recently decided to take the plunge and ask my mother in law who is visiting for a month and a half if she would mind if I swam with my son nude in the pool. She had no problems and said yes straight away. So off I went and stripped down right in front of her and jumped into the pool. By no means can I be nude all the time but I am able to do my usual nude routine and move between the bathroom bedroom and occasionally chase my son through the house to bring him to the shower.

We had a short conversation shortly after the initial ok was given and she said there was no problems with it. I figured that if she was going to stay with us for more than a month I would want to at least try and get in some of my usual nude activities.

So I cant be nude all the time but I have at least a compromise that I don't have to hide when I want to swim shower or go to the loo in the night or even get dressed in the morning in my living room as usual for work. So What do I gather from all this? Not everybody is afraid to see someone they know nude so if there is a chance you might want to be nude in their company for what ever reason, there is a chance they may allow you. All you have to do is ask.

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